Waypoint Files with Statistical Data
The following files are in National Geographic's TOPO! GPS comma delimited import/export format plus some additional fields added onto the end.  These additional fields give some statistical data about the waypoints.  To import them just set the import column heading to "Ignore" for the additional fields.  TOPO! version 2.6 will set those columns to "Ignore" as a default.

Important:  Make sure the import settings in the mapping program are set for UTM coordinates and the WGS 84 datum if it doesn't get that data from the import file.

After the last TOPO! field, which is "Message", the fields are as listed in the following table.  Older files have only the first seven fields listed.  More recent files (data recorded since August 2001) have the last four fields pertaining to the elevation data if I marked the location with a Garmin Venture, which records the elevation value.  Since January 2002 some waypoints are also being marked with a Garmin 76, which also records the elevation.

Note: These waypoints are also provided on National Geographic's MapXchange site in the form of ".tpg" files.  You can open ".tpg" type files easily without going through the import process.  I am providing these files for those who would like some idea of the statistical error in the location of the waypoints.

1. Waypoint Count Number of GPS waypoint marks included in the mean
2. Easting Maximum Positive Maximum easting value minus mean easting (Maximum positive direction difference from the mean)
3. Easting Maximum Negative Mean easting minus minimum easting value (Maximum negative direction difference from the mean)
4. Northing Maximum Positive Maximum northing value minus mean northing (Largest value minus the mean)
5. Northing Maximum Negative Mean northing minus minimum northing value (Mean value minus the smallest)
6. Easting Standard Deviation Square root of the result of the mean of the sum of the squares minus the mean squared
7. Northing Standard Deviation  
8. Elevation Count Number of GPS elevations included in the mean
9. Lowest Elevation Lowest elevation value in the list of marks that were averaged together.
10. Highest Elevation Highest elevation value in the list that were averaged together.
11. Elevation Standard Deviation  
Waypoints Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 by Dan Anderson.  All Rights Reserved.  Provided for personal, non-commercial use only.
Here are the file links:
Bear Creek Regional Park
Cheyenne Canyon
Collegiate Peaks Wilderness
Dome Rock State Wildlife & Mueller State Park
Maroon Bells and Snowmass Wilderness
Garden of the Gods
Hunter-FryingPan and Mt. Massive Wilderness
Lost Creek Wilderness
        Updated Feb. 13, 2002
Mosquito Range and Quandary Peak
Mt. Evans Wilderness and Vicinity
Mt. Massive and Hunter-Frying Pan Wilderness
Mueller State Park & Dome Rock State Wildlife
Pike Nat'l Forest, North & Roxborough State Park
Pikes Peak
Rampart Range South and Vicinity
Stratton Open Space
Weminuche Wilderness: Ute Lakes
The following files are "works in progress" and not yet uploaded to MapXchange.  Of course all of the files are really "works in progress" since they will all get updated at some point - if I'm able too.
Note that there is a lack of information regarding the relationship of the points - it can be difficult to tell which points are connected by a trail, etc. Printing the waypoints out on a map can help.  Also it will be easier to guess the relationship of the points for a trail up a canyon than an area that's a maze of trails such as Stratton Open Space and Palmer Park.
Cheyenne Canyon, North (Colorado Springs)
    As opposed to South Cheyenne Canyon (Seven Falls)
Intemann Trail, Palmer Trail and Section 16 (COS and Manitou)
Palmer Lake / Monument Area
Palmer Park (Colorado Springs)
Pike Nat'l Forest, South
    Business & Professional Womens Club Memorial Forest Area
Pikes Peak: Barr Trail and Vicinity
Pikes Peak: North and West Side Areas
    Green Mtn. Falls, Crags, Horsethief, Pancake Rocks
Pikes Peak: Southeast Area
    Almagre, Frosty Park, Jones Park, Seven Bridges, St. Marys Falls.....
Rampart Range, South: Lovell Gulch and Waldo Canyon Trails
Stratton Open Space (Colorado Springs)
Ute Trail (Manitou Springs)
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Copyright © 2001, 2002 Dan Anderson. All rights reserved.