Picture looking west from VPT1 of parking area vicinity and first stretch of trail
Picture looking north from VPT1 of RID5, GUL3, RID6, GUL5, RID7
Picture from TMP2 - overview of Waldo Canyon - PAS1, PAS2, RID2, JC1, and JC2
Closeup Picture from TMP2 of area of JC1, CMP1, and SBK16
Picture from TMP5 of SPR2 and GUL11 (also Pikes Peak)
Picture from TMP14 of approximate locations of SPR2 and GUL11
Closeup Picture from TMP14
Picture from SGN11 of initial part of canyon (wide) - SPR2, GUL11, CMP1, JC1, IS7, and SBK17
Picture from TMP13 of approximate locations of IS5 and IS4 from "above"
Picture from TMP23 overview from upper switchbacks of canyon area - IS5, IS4, IS6, JC2, IS7
Picture from SBK11 of area of narrow canyon - GUL2,SBK9, SBK11, and IS5
Picture from TMP17 of approximate locations of IS3, IS2, JC2, RID8, and IS6
Picture from TMP18 of approximate location of IS4
Picture from TMP19 of approximate locations of IS4 and IS5 (the narrow canyon)
Picture from RID9 of hillside
Picture from TMP7 in Waldo Canyon approaching narrow section
Picture from TMP22 of IS5 a bit farther away
Picture from TMP21 of IS5 (behind bush)
Picture of the location of IS4

Picture from TMP20 just climbing out of narrow part of canyon - IS2, IS3, IS4
Picture from TMP6 of area of IS6, GUL2, and TP2
Picture from TMP11 of SGN11 and PAS2
Picture looking north from TMP8 - hillside trail traverses before TP10
Picture looking northeast from TMP8 of GUL6 and JC9
Picture from TMP9 of PAS1, GUL10, and SBK12
Picture from TMP1 of trail heading for PAS1 (back in trees)
Picture from TMP15 of PAS2 - it's more open to the north, trees to the south
Picture from TMP3 of PAS2
Picture from TMP16 of PAS2 - lots of tree cover to the south
Picture from TMP10 of CMP1 and hillside where switchbacks are located
Picture from TMP12 of JC1 (behind bigger tree) and area of IS8
Picture from TMP24 of JC1, IS8

USGS OrthoPhoto of the area
USGS OrthoPhoto with the reference track
USGS Topographic map of the central area
USGS Topographic map of the northern area
USGS Topographic map of the southwestern area

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