GPS, Map, and Outdoor Related Links
Looking for Information?  Have Questions about the GPS System, Receivers, Software?
Joe Mehaffey and Jack Yeazel's GPS Information
Reviews of GPS receivers, software, and much more.  This is one of the primary reference sites and has an extensive list of links.
Sam Wormley's GPS/GIS Resources
Another excellent reference site.
 News Group: sci.geo.satellite-nav    Access news with web browser: News Group Using Google
 News Group: alt.satellite.gps    Access news with web browser: News Group Using Google
News Group: alt.satellite.gps.garmin
Looking for Waypoints, Tracks, Maps?
Travel by GPS
SwopNet Waypoint DataBank
TOPO! MapXchange
You need National Geographic TOPO! software to really use the data on this site.  TOPO! users can upload their track and/or waypoint data to this site so that others may use it.
You don't need a GPS receiver to use the "maps".
Rocky Mountain DRG Group
Low cost source for USGS DRG's for Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming.  There are other groups for other regions.
GPS Trail Maps
Some trail maps in GPX format for Idaho.  Also Longs Peak in Colorado and Moab, UT at this time.
Looking for Software with Maps?
Maptech - Terrain Navigator, Pocket Navigator (Pocket PC), Outdoor Navigator (Palm OS)
Has USGS 1:24000 and 1:100,000 scale topographic maps - seamless scrolling or with borders.  Has 2D and 3D viewing.  They also have marine versions with charts and air.
TOPO! Interactive Maps
Comes with topographic maps with seamless panning/access (1:24,000 and other scales).  The regional series does not come with GPS support so TOPO! GPS also needs to be purchased to add support for GPS receivers.  TOPO State does come with GPS support.  TOPO! Sync adds some additional functions including downloading maps to Windows CE or Palm OS handhelds. TOPO! Sync on the handheld does not currently support handheld to GPS receiver connections.  TOPO! can not transfer a track to a Garmin GPS receiver.
All Topo Maps by iGage
Comes with topographic maps with the collars (1:24,000 and other scales).  Additional program supplied to merge maps - remove collars.  Special map sets available for the Colorado Trail and the Tahoe Rim Trail.  Great for annotating maps but not so good in GPS receiver support.  It can't transfer a track to a Garmin GPSR.
This is a major manufacturer of printed maps and globes.  They have a wide selection of computer products but make sure you try out the product first to see if you like it and its support of your GPS receiver.
Has topographic and street maps on CD or you can supply the maps by scanning or get USGS DRGs.  Has Palm OS and Pocket PC versions. Supports Garmin, Lowrance/Eagle, Magellan, Brunton, Silva, Micrologic, MLR, and Furuno (From Canada).
Looking for Software with Alternative Map Sources?
Expert GPS  (TopoGrafix)
Lots of features.  The program downloads USGS topographic maps or orthophotos from Terraserver and supports scanned maps, which includes USGS DRGs.  This is one of the best programs for user added information for making your own maps.  A limited function version called EasyGPS is free (see below).
GPS Utility
Lots of features.  You supply the maps by scanning or get USGS DRGs (doesn't look like it uses the calibration data directly). You might compare the map ZOOM capabilities and placement precision with OziExplorer's. Will transfer a track to Garmin GPS receivers.  Current version (4.10) has limited support for colors for different tracks.  Supports Garmin and Magellan receivers and more limited support for some MLR, Furuno, Simrad, and Raytheon GPS receivers (From England).
Navigation oriented software for the PC and Pocket PC. A "professional" version has ESRI shapefile support.
Extensive set of features.  You supply the maps by scanning or get USGS DRGs.  OziExplorer CE is available for Windows CE devices. Will transfer a track to Garmin GPS receivers. There is a demo version with some functions missing and a trial version that enables those missing functions but removes GPS receiver support. Supports Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance iFinder USR files on a multimedia card. Supports transfer of Events for Lowrance/Eagle (From Australia).
Topo Fusion
The program downloads USGS topographic maps or orthophotos from Terraserver.  Produces "trail networks".
Support for Garmin and Magellan.  Draws tracks with elevation shading.
Uses scanned maps and supports Garmin and Magellan (From Germany).
TTQV (Touratech)
Used to be known as QuoVadis. Uses scanned maps and can send data to PathAway.  Also supports DIGIMAP.  Can import already calibrated maps for a number of countries. Supports Garmin, Magellan, and Lowrance/Eagle (From Germany).
GPS TrackMaker®
A very capable program that is currently free. (From Brazil)
Global Mapper
Not free but there is a feature limited trial version.  Can download from the Terraserver.  Displays many raster, elevation (3D), and vector datasets and convert to other formats.
GPS Map Explorer
A currently free program primarily for viewing and analyzing track logs.  You can play back multiple track logs from, for instance, a race. (Norwegian)
Wissenbach Map
Another capable program that has useful specialized features including 3D.  Free - published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
A free program (donation requested) that downloads topographic maps and orthophotos from Microsoft's TerraServer. Handles waypoints, routes, and displays tracks with most consumer GPSR's.  It can put contour lines on orthophotos from DEM data
A free program with basic GPS support and background maps (From Italy).
Free GPS software and mapping for navigation on laptops, Pocket PC, and Smartphone.  Supports mapping and voice guidance for many countries (From UK).
Software for Map Downloads to GPS Receivers and Other Data
Garmin Mapsource
"Mapsource" is the map management program.  It comes with various map sets such as "U.S. Topo", "Metroguide", "City Select", etc. to download the appropriate maps to Garmin receivers.  The map format is proprietary and not officially released to the public.
Lowrance MapCreate
This is the basic product to download maps into the appropriate Lowrance receiver.  It comes with the map data purchased such as "USA Topo Series", "USA Series", "Canada Series", etc. The map format is proprietary and not officially released to the public.
Magellan Mapsend
This is the basic product to download maps into the appropriate Magellan receiver.  It comes with the map data purchased such as "Topo 3D USA", "DirectRoute Europe", "Topo Canada", etc. The map format is proprietary and not officially released to the public.
Software for Creating Your Own Maps
Some of the programs below use this program to do the Garmin map image creation.
Making your own maps is an involved process, not supported by manufacturers, and under development so don't expect any of the programs listed here to be easy to use and work without problems.
MapMan is a free map generating tool designed primarily for owners of Garmin receivers.  It is a front end for cGPSmapper.
GPSExplorer is a program for communicating with Garmin GPS units. The program is released under the the GPL license. Its functionality is easily extended with new plugin modules.
Works with files from OziExplorer and GPS Trackmaker to generate Garmin IMG files.
This software is designed for visual authoring of GPS-maps in various proprietary cartographic formats such as Mapsource and polish format for cGPSmapper.  Windows, Shareware, Russian
Software for Waypoint Management
EasyGPS  (TopoGrafix)
A basic program that's free. Supports GPX and LOC files (Geocaching).  It's more full featured brother is ExpertGPS (see above).
A free program to upload and download routes, tracks, and waypoints from a Garmin GPS receiver.
Basic utility for uploading/downloading GPS receiver data - waypoints, routes, and tracks.  Free.
GSAK - Geocaching Swiss Army Knife
Utility for uploading/downloading GPS receiver waypoints and handling geocaching information.  This program has useful filters for selecting waypoints out of a database and supports multiple databases.  Although written for geocaching, it is a very useful for many types of waypoint management and can help transfer waypoints and information to PDA's.
Software for Palm OS
This one is considered the best navigation programs by many.  Maps are available for Europe and the USA and Canada. (From Netherlands)
A very capable program for data transfer to and from the GPS receiver and the PC computer.  Most other Palm type programs are focused on map display (as does PathAway) and navigation but don't do very well in support for the GPSR in terms of saving multiple track logs and waypoint data sets (Canadian).
This program will emulate a Garmin receiver so that you use the GPSR support program on the PC computer to transfer data from GPilotS to the computer.  This is the program I use to backup tracks and waypoints in the field and extend the track logging capabilities of a GPS 76. Free.
Software for the Macintosh
 MacGPS Pro
Software to connect a Garmin GPS receiver to a Macintosh computer.
Supports Eagle/Lowrance, Garmin, and Magellan
Geocaching (SW for Waypoint Management)
Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK)
Supports multiple waypoint databases with many fields.  It is made for geocaching so many fields are for this purpose; however, it is also useful for general waypoint management.  Some support for PDA files too. Uses GPSBabel to access GPS receivers.
GeoBuddy by Topografix (ExpertGPS)
Currently in beta test phase (see Topografix forums)
Database program for PalmOS for geocaching waypoints and information. ( - see also CMConvert)
Something like CacheMate but for Pocket PC.
Vehicle Tracking Systems
Cybergraphy Technology Inc.

Government Agencies
National Forests - Colorado
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Colorado State Parks
USGS National Mapping Information
El Paso Co. Parks and Trails
Garden of the Gods  -  Colorado Springs Parks
GOG Rock Ledge Ranch  -  Colorado Springs Cultural
Outdoor Organizations, Clubs, Resources Etc.
Colorado Mountain Club
Colorado Trail / Colorado Trail Foundation
Volunteer to maintain and improve the Colorado Trail or contribute in some way
Colorado Wilderness
Continental Divide Trail Alliance
Great Outdoor Recreation Page (GORP)
Medicine Wheel
This organization does trail advocacy, maintenance, and construction in the Pikes Peak region. They especially support mountain biking. Their web site has some map information including proposed trails.
ORIC - Outdoor Recreation Information Center
Trails and Open Space Coalition - Pikes Peak Area
This organization works to preserve open space and create a network of trails and green ways in the Pikes Peak region.
Wildernet for Colorado
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