Comparison of a Garmin GPSmap 76S, 76Cx and an eTrex Vista HCx

Track Logging - Actual Hikes

The GPSmap 76S was set to record one trackpoint every two seconds. It was connected to an external, amplified antenna mounted on top of a hat. The GPSmap 76Cx was hand held in front of me, a bit below shoulder level and generally not too close, and the record option was set to one trackpoint every second.  The Vista HCx was mounted on top of a backpack and the record option was set to one trackpoint every second. WAAS was enabled on both the 76Cx and the HCx and was enabled on the 76S only on the higher ridges when there was a better view of the sky.

Track Image 1

Overview Map

Track Image 2

Closeup of Canyon Area

Track Image 3

Closeup of Lost Pond Area

Track Image 4

A Different Day and Location

Track Image 5

The following tracks were done while driving not walking. The drive up was about 1:00 pm, the drive down about 5:00 pm.
Red: Vista HCx, Blue: GPSmap 76Cx

Driving in N. Cheyenne Canyon

  • These tracks are from hikes (and one set while driving) where my intent was to record the trail location not test GPS receivers.  They reflect, to some extent, that I see more "wild" tracks from the HCx than I do from the two 76 series receivers.
  • The receivers generally track well and close to each other when the view of the sky is good (on a ridge for instance).

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